Samsung licenses AMD Radeon graphics technology for smartphones, brings 1 month free Hatch game streaming to the Galaxy S10 5G

Apple may be getting a lot of attention today for various announcements during the WWDC keynote, but Samsung isn’t about to sit idly by and let Cupertino get all of the headlines. Today, the company has made two separate announcements involving two different products. First, we have learned that Samsung has partnered with Hatch to bring 1 free month of its mobile game streaming service to Galaxy S10 5G owners in the United States. Secondly, and possibly the bigger announcement is a strategic partnership with AMD for in “ultra-low power, high-performance graphics technologies.”

High-speed bandwidth and low latency could make video game streaming on mobile devices a solid service. These are two big features being touted about with 5G right now and Samsung feels it’s time to partner with Hatch. The promotion is currently only available to Samsung Galaxy S10 5G owners in the United States and includes 1 month of the game streaming service. This subscription lets people play over 100 mobile games on their smartphone without needing to install them onto the device (no in-game purchases either).

Next up we have an announcement about a partnership between Samsung and AMD. This is said to allow Samsung to integrate custom AMD Radeon graphics IP into future SoCs for mobile applications. This is rather interesting because Samsung’s Exynos SoC has historically lagged behind Qualcomm’s when it comes to the GPU department. However, Samsung’s own GPU architecture has been in development for 7 years. That means it’s unlikely that this partnership will result in new architectural IP from AMD being used in Exynos chipsets.

Technically that is possible and Samsung could be throwing away all of their work. Andrei of AnandTech points out that the announcement specifically mentions “custom graphics IP based on the recently announced, highly-scalable RDNA graphics architecture.” That, along with the quote from Dr. Lisa Su saying this is “significantly expanding the Radeon user base and development ecosystem,” leads some to believe that this could just be Samsung licensing some of AMD’s patents (for protection from others in the industry).

Source: xda-developers